Summer Exhibition 2011

THe Summer Exhibition 2011 is now based in the St Paul’s Hall in Ramsey. The 62nd Annual Open Exhibition of the Mannin Art Group . Judging the annual trophy winners were: Ms. Katie Richardson along with Yvonne Cresswell, Manx National Heritage curator and Manx artist Catherine James and Wildlife artist Jeremy Paul.

Catherine James winner of the 2010 Trophy for “Best Flower Painting” judged the 2011 exhibits. Her choice : “Mixed Hellebores” a watercolour by Jodie Buckley . To quote Catherine : “Mixed Hellebores” is a beautifully observed work; painted in ‘text book’ style – which sometimes eliminates atmosphere – but here retains the almost primeval aspect of this beautiful flower; the contrasting colours adding to the mystery.”

Winner of the Sir Laurence New Rose Bowl for the “Best Manx Landscape” went to Bruno Cavellec for his etching of “Niarbyl Cottage”. Judges quotes : “ small, delicate perfectly executed; good tonal range and composition. Picturesque subject but not clichéd – has a contemporary feel.”

The Best watercolour Trophy was awarded to David Byrne for his painting “The Station Port St Mary” To quote the judges“ delicate use of tone and colour – excellent balanced oomposition with no distracting elements superficially – a typical Manx landscape – but more unusual subject – ie. gasometers.”

This year’s Miniature Competition subject was “Movement” and the prizes went to :

First prize: Daphne MacOwen: “Koi Frantic Feeding” an oil painting

Second Prize: Celia Francere: Into the Blue” an encaustic painting.

Third Prize: Delia Jackson for her watercolour “A Good Drying Day”.

The Exhibition is open to the public from Thursday 28th July through to 6th August. Open Daily 10.00am – 6.30pm. Sunday 31st July 2.00pm to 6.00pm Saturday 6th August 10.00am – 4.00pm (last entry 3.15pm).

2011 Exhibition Prize Winners

The Winner of The Sir Laurence & Lady New Rose Bowl for “The Best Manx Landscape “

Bruno Cavellec – “Niarbyl Cottage”

Mannin Art Group | The Best Manx Landscape - Summer Exhibition 2011

The Winner of The The Margaret Godfrey Trophy for “The Best Watercolour”

David Byrne – “The Station – Port St Mary”

Mannin Art - The Winner of The The Margaret Godfrey Trophy for "The Best Watercolour"

The Winner of The Rosie Sawyer Rose Bowl for “The Best Flower Painting”

Jodie Buckley – “Mixed Hellibores” – Watercolour

Mannin Art - The Winner of The Rosie Sawyer Rose Bowl for "The Best Flower Painting"

Annual Miniature Painting Prize Winners

1st Prize : Daphne MacOwan – “Koi Frantic Feeding” – Oil

Mannin Art - 1st Prise Annual Miniature Painting

2nd Prize: Celia Francere – “Into the Blue” – Encaustic

Mannin Art - 1st Prize Annual Miniature Painting


Mannin Art - Gallery Selection 2011

Valerie Galpin – “High Water” – Acrylic

Mannin Art - Valerie Galpin - "High Water" - Acrylic

Suzannah Broughton – “Chicken Rock” – Watercolour

Mannin Art - Mannin Art - Suzannah Broughton - "Chicken Rock" - Watercolour

Connie Alden – “Cottage Ballaglass Glen” – Acrylic

Mannin Art - Connie Alden - "Cottage Ballaglass Glen" - Acrylic

Iris Burton – “Ballaglass in Springtime” – Acrylic

Mannin Art - Iris Burton - "Ballaglass in Springtime" - Acrylic

Peter Lloyd-Davies – “The Flax Mill Ballaglass Glen” – Oil

Mannin Art - Peter Lloyd-Davies - "The Flax Mill Ballaglass Glen" - Oil

William Lacey – “The Surfers – Palm Beach NSW” – Acrylic

Mannin Art - William Lacey - "The Surfers – Palm Beach NSW" - Acrylic

Carol Williamson – “My Poppies” – Mixed Media

Mannin Art - Carol Williamson - "My Poppies" - Mixed Media

G.T McKEE – “A Splash of colour – Goldfinch” – Acrylic

Mannin Art - G.T McKEE - "A Splash of colour – Goldfinch" - Acrylic

Ann Heath – “Workshop for Young Artists” – Oil

Mannin Art - Ann Heath - "Workshop for Young Artists" - Oil