Daphne MacOwan

Daphne MacOwan studied art in Gloucestershire (part time) in the 1960’s. Painted scenery for local drama groups and enjoyed doing sketch portraits until she moved to Canada where her artistic skills were used for the interiors of show homes in new housing developments. She also studied copy writing in Toronto, and this knowledge was put to use in advertising the new homes. She also painted scenery and did stage make-up for local drama groups.

Daphne later moved to Australia where she continued with her artwork; painting and drawing pictures of the magnificent Australian landscape, flora and fauna.

She now lives in the Isle of Man, and she has opened a small Art and Crafts Gallery in Maughold, and is involved with the Mannin Art Group.

Mannin Art Daphne MacOwanMannin Art Daphne MacOwanMannin Art Daphne MacOwan